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Featured below are our Stainless Steel Water Bucket with lid, Breakfast Food Bowls and Medicine Bowl Sets. They are all painted by our talented Native American artists in scenes appropriate to Native American Church prayer meetings. They are stainless steel for ease of keeping clean and lasting beauty. Buckets are all 12 liter w/lid. We have not seen anyone else that offers a stainless steel medicine bowl as part of the set and we went to great lengths to find one appropriate for you.  It is both stylish and practical for keeping sacred medicine and allowing it to be passed with ease in prayer meeting and includes a matching stainless steel serving spoon.  Many designs are available, some shown below, or send us your artwork for custom designs. If you see a design you like but want it together with another design, or want additional or less items in your set, email us, and we will respond to your needs. Click on any of the fuscia "Buy Now" buttons for pricing or to enter an order.

Front of Prayermeeting/Food Set

Back of Prayermeering/Food Set

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Close-up picture of front of bucket of Prayermeeting/Food Set.

Close-up pictures of Prayermeeting/Food Set on back of food bowls showing meat, vegetable and fruit.

Below is Morningstar Set for front and back sides with close-ups. (Bowls are all the same on this set)

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Below is Family Prayermeeting/Eagle Set for front and back sides with close-ups. (This set has just bucket & bowls showing different food groups)

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Below is our new Crossfire Set which is a 7-piece set including a smaller 9 liter bucket for tea




Other designs available or send us your artwork for custom orders.


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Peyote Staffs, Fans and Tobacco Wallets will be available soon.


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