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NativeAmericanTrade.com is the one-stop source for all the Native American Ceremonial Items that you may not have the time or talents to create, or the Native American Craft Supplies if you do want to do-it-yourself, to satisfy all your Native American Trade needs.

Ready made items from our crafts people include: Drums, Star Quilts, Cedar Boxes, Pipes, Beaded Items, Traditional Clothing, Pottery, Glycerin Herb Tinctures, Herbal Salves, etc.

Craft Supplies include: Beads, Leather, Furs, Rawhide, Pipestone, Bulk Herbs, etc.

Our Artists can create a special work of art to make your dreams come to life, or choose from our selections of Native American inspired artwork. Our artists and crafts people are traditionals from the nations of the Dine', Ute, Hopi, Lenape, Lakota and others. All works are created in prayer out of respect for our traditional ways. We look forward to assisting you in YOUR special way, because, after all, it is the prayer that is most important.



This is the work of our new artist Geri Yordi. This artist brings a whole new beautiful style of texture and detail that we have not seen elsewhere. Check back often to see Geri's newest creations. The box itself measures 17-3/4 x 6-1/2 x 3 on the inside. The handle is on the front side to not obstruct the artwork. Its size and design would make it a perfect women's church box. Click on the link below. 


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This is also the work of our new artist Geri Yordi. Please notice our new larger medicine bowl. This is our more detailed Crossfire set that you can see the attention to detail that Geri gives to all these bucket sets. A lifetime work of art for those special ceremonies. Click on the link below. 


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As this website is continually growing we ask that you come visit often to see the changes and additions. Please tell us if there is anything you don't see that you are looking for. We will do our best to find it for you.

NativeAmericanTrade.com is located in the heart of  Red Earth country. The rich red dirt and the spectacular red sandstone arches and monoliths among the evergreens of pinion and juniper surrounded by the high desert and sprinkled with the occasional oasis fed from the Rocky Mountains makes for a breath-taking backdrop for creativity.

NativeAmericanTrade.com is actually a combination of two divisions for the purposes of this online store - Four Corners Native Enterprises, with all the Native American Crafts and Supplies and Native Pharmaceuticals, with all the Herbs, Tinctures, Salves, etc.


Four Corners Native Enterprises

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Native Pharmaceuticals

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Waterflow, New Mexico, USA  87421-0794
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